An alternative to a hotel room
- an artistically designed holiday flat
in the heart of Berlin near the green riverside of river Spree

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Rates and Occupancy


In the following way you read the plan of occupancy:

Days which are not marked in red (occupied) are available.

The rates differ by season.

Please look first which colour is effective at the days you wish to occupy the apartment. Then look at the rates table and in accordance with the number of persons you will find out the daily rates of your stay.

Now you can add up the price of your stay.

For cleaning at the end of your stay
we charge 55,-- €.

We grant the following discounts upon the total amount without end cleaning.:

- 10 % more than 7 days
- 15 % more than 14 days
- 20 % more than 21 days
- 25 % more than 1 month