An alternative to a hotel room
- an artistically designed holiday flat
in the heart of Berlin near the green riverside of river Spree

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this is the apartment Miró-bile......

outside view
living room
plan of the flat

Modern, sunny and a taste of art. A small bedroom and a big living room
give access to the southward balcony. From there you can look to the
well-kept front garden. The couch is extendable, so four people find
sleeping places in this flat.

In the kitchen there are ceramic glass cooktop and baking oven, fridge,
dishwasher and clothes washer.

Next door lefthand, you can get breakfast in a sympatic coffee shop or buy
bakery products and drinks. Supermarkets are within walking distance:
"Reichelt" - 6 min, "Lidl" and "Rewe" - 10 min.